Lettucehouse Cattle Panel Hoophouse Construction Book
Grower: High Tides & Green Fields LLC
Price: $10.00 ( each)
%> Available (Estimated): 6

Cattle panel hoophouses are an inexpensive structure that can be built to any length (our experience is up to 48') and can be constructed without special equipment or materials. Cattle panels are welded wire, 16'x52" sections available at farm and ranch stores. Our design makes it possible for one person to erect the structure using basic tools; two people can erect and cover an entire house in one day. The result is a structure with 75% of the square footage available for in-ground planting and snug enough for winter growing. Our construction plan book for the cattle panel house includes source lists for materials, construction detail drawings and photos, suggested reading and website sources, suggested crops for winter production. The materials look at natural insulation, double covers, ventilation, watering, and the challenges of Oklahoma weather. To learn more about our hoophouse: http://www.hightidesfarm.com and our blog: http://hightides.wordpress.com/