Wagon Creek Creamery

Website: www.wagoncreekcreamery.com

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Wagon Creek Creamery is a family owned and operated dairy farm 30 miles northwest of Enid, Oklahoma. Ron and Barbara Crain and their 6 children have been dairying since 1991. In 2005, they added the creamery in order to have the opportunity to process their cows’ milk into high quality dairy products.

The cows are completely grass fed, they do not consume any grain. They are on a rotational grazing system which moves them continually to fresh pastures around the farm. During times when forage is scarce (winter, drought, etc.) the cows’ diet is supplemented with hay. The cows are not fed antibiotics, but we will treat a sick cow when necessary. Her milk will then be dumped until she is off the antibiotic. Our cows have never been given rBST (growth hormones).

Wagon Creek Creamery offers a variety of dairy products and, when available, a variety of grass fed beef cuts. All of our products come from our own dairy herd.

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