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USDA Certified Organic

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John’s Farm produces organic wheat (Go Organic label) and organic beef (Cattle Tracks label). We were traditional farmers until 1996 when we, for the first time ever, did a bit of organic farming for a neighbor. That tidbit was all it took for John to decide to transition all our farming practices to organic. John’s Farm is a family operation; please check out our photo album for pictures of our farm and family. If you’ll click on each picture you’ll be directed to a larger photo with a description. You can meet our ‘grands’ and see our farm – we’re real people, real farmers, with a commitment to clean, safe food. Our cattle are grass-pastured from birth to finish. we raise organic oats and barley and the larger calves get a small amount of this mixture plus added probiotic. Probiotic is reported to keep valuable enzymes and bacteria in the digestive system. We believe probiotic is one of the reaons our cattle are well as we seldom, and I do mean seldom, have a sick calf. Cattle Tracks beef was tested for healthy qualities; we are pleased to share our results. The Omega6-to-Omega 3 ratio was 1.8. A ratio under 4 is considered healthy. The CLA result was 9.8; OSU stated that number is amoung the highest on record. The higher the number the better. Organic means our wheat is raised free of herbicides, pesticides, and commercial fertilizers. We use only natural means to combate bugs and weeds. To enrich the soil we spread manure and add trace minerals which come directly from the earth without being processed. Organic also means our cattle are raised on our organically certified pastures and fields. Cattle eat only organic feed and that’s why we raise our own organic oats and barley. Cattle are completely free of hormones, antibiotics, and medications. Finally, being certified organic means we keep track of our wheat and cattle, we document everything the animals are fed (how much oats/barley) and we keep a record of the products we use to control pests, such a sugar water to rid the wheat of army worms. Our farm is inspected, records reviewed, and soil samples taken to ensure we adhere to the organic standards. Take a few minutes to check us out on our website, call us if you have questions, enjoy organic products raised on John’s Farm.

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