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Terms of Service

Each buyer must accept personal responsibility for following our procedures.

By purchasing through MidDel.LocallyGrown.Net, you agree to follow these Terms of Service:

  1. Each order is a legally enforceable contract to pick up and pay for the products ordered. You are obligated to pay for the items you order that are delivered to the pick-up site, even if you do not pick them up. Everything in your online order when the monthly order closes is an order for those products. The monthly order cycle begins at 8:00am on the third Wednesday of each month and closes at 6:00pm the Wednesday before the pick-up day. Items are placed in a shopping cart until you finalize the order. Please review the items in your shopping cart. You can change the quantities, add comments to specific items (these will go to the growers), and add comments to your order (these will go to the market managers). When everything looks good to you, click on the "Place This Order!" button to finalize your order. You can remove or add items in your shopping cart up to the close of the monthly order. You must "Place This Order!" to move your items from your shopping cart to your finalized order. You may have more than one finalized order in an ordering cycle. 

  2. When you order, pick up your items during the time specified for the MidDel.LocallyGrown.net pickup site. This is part of our contract. MidDel.LocallyGrown.net is not a giant supermarket with acres of cold storage. We do not have the ability to hold orders past the specified pick-up time, especially if refrigerated or frozen items are involved. It is your responsibility to know when to pick up your food and the hours the pick-up site is open.

  3. If you cannot pick up your order then you are expected to have an alternative plan in place such as a neighbor, friend, co-worker, etc., who can pick up for your. If your order is not picked up by the end of the specified pick-up time a MidDel.LocallyGrown.net pick-up site volunteer will make one attempt to contact you about picking up your items. MidDel.LocallyGrown.net will not make multiple attempts to contact you about picking up your order. If an item spoils or loses quality because you did not pick it up promptly, you are still expected to pay for it.

  4. All orders must be paid before they leave the MidDel.LocallyGrown.net pickup site. If your order is picked up by someone other than yourself, that individual is expected to pay for your order before leaving the pickup site with the order. Buyers are expected to pay with cash or check before taking their order home. Prompt payment and honored checks is a condition of continued buying privileges.

  5. When you pick up your order, make sure you get all the items you order. Take the time to check your invoice thoroughly to make sure you get everything. If an item isn't there, report it to a MidDel.LocallyGrown.net pickup site volunteer when you check out. The amount of the missing item(s) will be deducted from your invoice and you will pay the new amount. All claims for missing/damaged items must be made at the MidDel.LocallyGrown.net pick-up site at the time the order is picked up; claims made after exiting the pick-up site will not be honored.

  6. Treat the MidDel.LocallyGrown.net pickup site volunteers well. The Mid Del Farmers' Market Association does not have employees. We have volunteers who invest their time and effort in growing the future of t.he Association and its markets There can never be a question of an "employee-customer" relationship in your interactions with the volunteer workers of the Mid Del Farmers' Market Association. Do not complain to MidDel.LocallyGrown.net pickup site volunteers or berate or blame them for something that may have gone wrong with your order. Volunteers have no control over what the producers do. If you have an issue with the producer, bring it to the attention of the producer. If you have an issue with the association, bring it to the attention of Bob Davis, chair of the Mid Del Farmers' Market Association, (405-326-1556 or chair@mdfma.org). Mistreatment of volunteers could lead to the revocation of purchasing privileges.

  7. Please keep your contact information current on your LocallyGrown.net account. Be sure to enter a telephone number where we can reach you on pick-up days. If it gets close to time to close the pick-up site and you haven't picked up your order, a MidDel.LocallyGrown.net pickup site volunteer will make one attempt to contact you about picking up your items. MidDel.LocallyGrown.net will not make multiple attempts to contact you about picking up your order. Items not picked up will be given to charity.

  8. For buyers approved as producers, these Terms of Service include the MidDel.LocallyGrown.net Producer Procedures and Standards.

Terms of Service effective 1 November 2009

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